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Natalia Ablazhey
1 Publications
68 Purchased
Alina V. Afonasieva
PhD in economics
21 Publications
121 Purchased
Lyubov Afonina
PhD in Historical sciences
5 Publications
37 Purchased
Petr Agaltsov
1 Publications
0 Purchased
Alexander V. Akimov
Doctor Sc. (Economics)
1 Publications
99 Purchased
Varvara Akimova
Candidate of Geographical Sciences
2 Publications
146 Purchased
Vadim Akulenko
1 Publications
2 Purchased
Alexey Aleksakhin
Dr.Sc. (Philology)
1 Publications
9 Purchased
Armen Aleksanyan
1 Publications
0 Purchased
Aleksandr Alekseenko
Candidate of Juridical Sciences
1 Publications
14 Purchased