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Andrey DAVYDOV – Acting Chief Editor of the journal “Far Eastern Affairs”, Leading Researcher at the Center for the Study and Forecasting of Russian-Chinese Relations of the Institute of Far Eastern Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IFES RAS). Candidate of Historical Sciences.


Research interests: foreign policy of the PRC, American-Chinese and Chinese-American relations, problems of mutual relationship between world powers in the format of international organizations and regional associations. He made significant input into study of the influence of foreign policy of the leading international relations subjects on geopolitical transformations that stimulate the objective changes process in modern world architectonics.

Andrey Davydov is the author of over 250 publications in scientific journals and mass media in Russia and foreign countries, including China and the USA. He is a regular contributor to scientific periodicals published by the IFES RAS, including the yearbooks “The People's Republic of China: Politics, Economy, Culture” and “China in World and Regional Politics”. He published the monograph “Beijing, Washington, Moscow: Relationships in the Context of Transformation of Global Architectonics” (2015).

Along with scientific work, Andrey Davydov has extensive practical experience in international organizations and Russian and foreign mass media. He is a member of editorial boards of scientific journals in the PRC, a member of the Journalists Unions of the USSR (1984-1991), Russia and Moscow.


Contact information:

E-mail: davydov@ifes-ras.ru

Phone: 8(499)124-09-02


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